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What’s it all about?

This 5 day challenge is designed to get you some quick wins on social media so that you can build on your success with confidence once the 5 days are over.

5 simple techniques

You’ll discover 5 simple techniques that work on ALL social media sites that will help to easily and quickly generate more leads and make more sales

Search and Connect with your ideal customer

I reveal a simple way to search and connect with your ideal customer so that you have a constant supply of people who want to buy from you

Build Relationships

I’ll share simple yet highly effective ways to build relationships with your clients so that they will only want to work with you – even if you’ve never made a sale on social media before!

Members Only Facebook Group

You will be given exclusive access to my private Members Only Facebook Group along with the other people taking part in the challenge

Extra Support and Feedback

Each day I will post one task for you to complete and then post your evidence in the group to show how you are getting on and to get extra support and feedback

Meet other business owners just like you

Each task will only take 30 minutes and I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have as well as going live twice per day. You can ask me anything that will support your online marketing. You will also be able to meet other business owners just like you.

I have been teaching business owners how to use social media as an online marketing strategy for the last 5 years and have had some amazing feedback from my previous students. Here’s what some of them had to say about me and my challenge, coz you know, social proof and all…

This is what to expect…

Lynne Thomas thank you! I have done a few social media challenges the last few months. This one, by far, was the very best one! I am currently doing one for blogging. I need help to get my blog get ready and published. It is self paced, but I put it aside to do this challenge and I am so glad I did!

Kathy Herberle – Financial Adviser and Blogger

Today I have received a repeat order from a new customer that saw my post on LinkedIn. I never would have got this sale if I had not been on this challenge. Thank you Lynne for your support and encouragement

Matthew Bowdler

I have just spent a whole week with Lynne Thomas learning about LinkedIn and social media marketing for my new business. Believe it or not I actually found it a fun thing to do. Before the challenge I had been overwhelmed and had thought that I would never understand how to use LinkedIn properly let alone get leads from it but now I know exactly what kind of content to post, when to post it and I'm having fun doing it too. Lynne is such a friendly person and she understood exactly what I needed and made it easy for me.

Maleka Bibi – My Life Naturals

I’ve done a LinkedIn challenge by Lynne before. And wow, I thought that was amazing. This challenge has topped her last challenge. My LinkedIn has done really well since her last challenge and so I wanted to apply this challenge to Facebook. I was sceptical whether this challenge could help me with my Facebook reach and performance. How wrong was I? My reach has increased by 175%.

Heather Bird – HMB Training

I wasn't sure what to expect from this challenge but it was worth every minute. Lynne is very knowledgeable about social marketing and she shared many golden nuggets with us. At the end of the course, you will have every thing you need to start marketing your business on social media. I would definitely recommend you take this challenge. Thank you Lynne.

Kathy DeCicco – Seo Analyst at OsCorp Tech

The challenge has been fantastic and so useful. It stands out as it covers all the social media platforms - and the strategy works across all of them. So many great ideas to implement and they have already started making a difference during this week. Lynne's knowledge and experience is extensive and she is open with advice and practical information. I would thoroughly recommend you join as you will be amazed at the benefits gained. Thank you Lynne

Lisa Simcox – The Little Artisan Studio

This has been a great week. I've been running our social media for the past 18 months and couldnt understand why I was battling to grow our following on Instagram. A few simple tips from Lynne and we've grown by nearly 50% in just four days! Such a great challenge. Thank you so much Lynne.

Karen Mandy – Together We Shine

As a small business whose only commodity is me I wasn't sure how relevant the five day challenge would be. Knowing Lynne from previous work we have done together, whilst I was setting up my business, I knew the quality of her advice and also the warmth and genuine interest she has in supporting others. I feel that it has been a week well spent with the outcome that I have a process through which I can plan a year's worth of online marketing. Now all I have to do is step up a gear. As always Lynne my heartfelt thanks. You are a star.

Chris O’Malley – Celebrant

I’ve done similar challenges before but in this one I have learned so much more! Simple but very effective tips on how to improve your social media marketing. And Lynne is great, extremely knowledgable, friendly and down to earth and really wants you to achieve! I would highly recommend it!!

Lisa Tighe

My wife and I had met Lynne before so we knew she is very friendly and knows her stuff. I found the course very informative, full of ideas that you might not think of but when you do, you like. We really hope to work with Lynne in the future.

Martin DeCicco

I went into this challenge not knowing what to expect. Lynne was very knowledgeable about Social marketing. Lynne put me at ease and was very approachable to answer any questions. I learned new ways of engagement, technology, how to grow my connections. This is a great challenge to take even if you have been in business for a while. Thank you Lynne for a great experience.

Margie E Koehler

I wasn't sure this would work with being a social selling page, as I never imaged putting a story together for the fragrance business but I'm grateful that is has, with new followers and new connections, so thank you Lynne for helping me, I have a new found love n knowledge to make social selling work for me.

Claire Fitzhugh

This challenge has helped me improve my profile views, 188 profile views last 90 days to 216, big improvement since last week. 521 to 541 connections. I understand the need to do a lot more work on how many quality connection I have. A great challenge and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs to improve their social media

Stephen Bradley

Hi, I‘m Lynne Thomas


It’s so nice to “meet” you. For the last 5 years I’ve helped over 1,000 people just like you with their online marketing and getting them loads of leads and tons of engagement.

Are you struggling to make sales from social media?

Are you fed up of trying lots of different things and yet nothing seems to work?

Would you like a steady stream of leads and sales to your business?

Would you like a simple formula to use on ALL your social media sites that bring about the same results?

Then my challenge is a great starting place for you to test out my methods and learn 5 free and simple techniques that will work across ALL your social media platforms.

Plus I’ll be in the group every day to help you along and make sure you achieve the results from taking part.

What’s stopping you from taking part and learning how to use the best marketing system in the world?

This challenge is all about support and engagement within the group so that you get the maximum results out of it.

I’ll be putting 100% into this challenge and I will be expecting you to do the same, therefore I will be rewarding the most engaged people and removing the least. are you up for the challenge?